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About Us


About Tim

Timothy Morge has been a professional currency trader, author, educator and mentor for nearly 40 years.



Tim's mission is to give back to the trading community that made him so successful, by making you a consistently profitable trader.



Extend your learning in the Market Geometry private forum. Share charts, trade ideas, ask questions and get answers.

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You'll have access to our library of thousands of hours of previously recorded mentoring sessions to review over and over again. Our industry-exclusive online tools allow you to bookmark timestamps within your favorite videos and come back to them whenever you want.

Benefits of Premium Membership

Premium Membership
  • Access to three live 60+ mini-mentoring webinar sessions three days a week.
  • Watch over the shoulders of professional traders as they mark up their charts and discuss how they apply the trading methodologies taught at Market Geometry to make trading decisions.
  • Unlimited access to the MG Forum, our exclusive online trading community.
  • Unlimited access to thousands of hours of previously recorded mini-mentoring sessions.
  • Tips and techniques you can use in your daily trading immediately!


“Not only do I get solid trading techniques, but the back and forth discussions are invaluable.”

- Terry Hulseberg

“Your methodology has had a positive impact on my confidence level as well as the trading account.”

- Krishna

“When Tim says "You ready?", it's time to pay attention because you're about to get some insider tip that only a 40 year veteran trader like Tim would know.”

- Terry Hulseberg

“Trading is like swimming, no one can teach, one has to learn by practice, you give life jacket and great tips so new comers just do not dive in and keep going down.”

- Rakesh

“Though I have been in the markets for over 10 years, I have never been so consistently profitable.”

- Krishna

“I am usually a skeptic. No one gives out their trading secrets if they really know how to trade. Tim says he's "giving back". I believe him.”

- Terry Hulseberg

“The mini-mentoring sessions have helped shorten the learning curve and my approach to trading has improved since then.”

- Krishna

“Quick note to let you know the seminar was quite an eye opening experience and a very long night into the early morning here in Australia, but well worth it.”

- Troy Knight

“I am more than happy to admit that the consistency in trading has helped me make enough money to pay for the mini-mentoring sessions.”

- Krishna

“Your time and sharing is appreciated, you are person who moves few millions or billions and care to share with folks with 10K or no experience or knowledge.”

- Rakesh

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