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About Tim

Timothy Morge has been a professional currency trader, author, educator and mentor for nearly 40 years.



Tim's mission is to give back to the trading community that made him so successful, by making you a consistently profitable trader.

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You're a tremendous teacher, and I hope to be able to learn from you and Shane for decades to come. Thank you for all that you give.

- Nathan Sheth

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on median lines. My wife and I have listened to almost all of your videos at Interactive Brokers and all the videos on your YouTube channel. 

- Joseph McNeal

I love watching you trade, getting inside your head, and understanding how a professional trader thinks.

- Amanda Reiter

I wanted to really emphasize and articulate my appreciation for Market Geometry and Mr. Morge. Thank you for this opportunity and how hard YOU GUYS WORK ON A DAILY BASIS. From fifth graders to 26 year old small business owners, countless people have and will continue to be amazed by Market Geometry's style of explanation through imitation and repetition. If you want to climb a mountain, you've got to find your valley to start from. Thank you for everything.

- Lorcain Rollo

I really appreciate both Tim and Shane helping and putting in the time to comment and instruct me. I got a lot out of his observations last week. The training was even more meaningful to me as it is a market I trade daily. I appreciate all you do. Thanks again.

- John Dundee

It amazes me how your words are almost like one of the Apostles. If I could speak to God I’m sure he would tell me he put you on Earth to teach. There is no doubt that your words INSPIRE me and give me confidence. Thank you.

- Peter Fede

Thank you very much for your training. My account is growing rapidly. It’s wonderful to watch and be inside Tim’s head as he teaches. I learned a long time ago: to successfully learn a skill and become a master, you first need to find a master to teach you. I found mine; it only took me 20 years.

- John Dundee

I've been following your methodology and teachings for a few years now. I want to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for your efforts to educate traders in methods that are easy to understand and truly work. You are a solid teacher and a great trader. I tip my hat off to you!

- Nikolai Dimitrov

The Webinar from Wednesday was just excellent! I really enjoy the market structure theme. More lessons about market structure, please. :-)

- Omar José Karmouta Maroto

“Thank you for all the time you have put into producing Webinars for Interactive Brokers. I have been watching the recorded versions intently in an attempt to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Today I had my first successful paper trade using median lines with 20 min E-mini S&P 500. I look forward to perfecting this art one trade at a time.”

- Daniel Turley

"I have not missed more than two lessons since the beginning of Breakfasts with the Masters. I am looking forward to another great year of learning with you."

- Jade Hyde

"I just want to thank you for one of the most incredible sessions I’ve ever had. You covered everything in such a concise yet comprehensive manner. Your discussion of evolving slopes and elliptical amplitudes was particularly interesting and helpful. I loved it and simply wish to acknowledge your expertise and ability to communicate in such an effective manner. Wow, what a gift."

- David Goldstein

"After 5 long and hard years, I have become a bona fide, consistently profitable professional trader. It feels SO good. Recently, I have been able to double my account size. Because of you, I have become and continue to evolve into the trader I am today. Thank you."

- Dawn Tovey

"The opportunity cost of missing a morning is higher than the class cost, which ironically is ALL thanks to you."

- Jorge Linares

"You're the man. I appreciate your product and service. Thank you."

- Mike Osterman

"Thank you for being a fearless teacher."

- Gina Tapper

“Not only do I get solid trading techniques, but the back and forth discussions are invaluable.”

- Terry Hulseberg

“Your methodology has had a positive impact on my confidence level as well as the trading account.”

- Krishna

“When Tim says "You ready?", it's time to pay attention because you're about to get some insider tip that only a 40 year veteran trader like Tim would know.”

- Terry Hulseberg

“Trading is like swimming, no one can teach, one has to learn by practice, you give life jacket and great tips so new comers just do not dive in and keep going down.”

- Rakesh

“Though I have been in the markets for over 10 years, I have never been so consistently profitable.”

- Krishna

“I am usually a skeptic. No one gives out their trading secrets if they really know how to trade. Tim says he's "giving back". I believe him.”

- Terry Hulseberg

“The mini-mentoring sessions have helped shorten the learning curve and my approach to trading has improved since then.”

- Krishna

Quick note to let you know the seminar was quite an eye opening experience and a very long night into the early morning here in Australia, but well worth it.”

- Troy Knight

“I am more than happy to admit that the consistency in trading has helped me make enough money to pay for the mini-mentoring sessions.”

- Krishna

“Your time and sharing is appreciated, you are person who moves few millions or billions and care to share with folks with 10K or no experience or knowledge.”

- Rakesh

“Hey Tim,
I just wanted to thank you for your efforts as a teacher. I have never met a better one.

- Matt Van Wormer

“Dear Tim,
The last 3 sessions on looking for highs and lows, top, shoulder and weak reaction and the duality of your thinking, those perception bars, trading to the right and all these mish mash and went into my trading this week and my perception on price movements and structure i think have changed dramatically (for the better)

These are 2 trades i have taken this week, The first one I am still sort of scratching my head and it hasn't ended yet, The breakfast sessions just keeps getting better and I appreciate the repetitiveness of some of these concepts explained through different ways as they take some time to trickle in. Thank you so very much.

Have a nice holiday and Monday
With best regards”

- Weijie

"I have been with Market Geometry for about a year. Up until then I had about a year of exposure to trading, not successful. Your product is FANTASTIC! I really enjoy the sessions and often will go back and listen to two or three times.  My trading ability has improved so much. It would take years to learn what I have from your program. Thank you so much! I wish I had time for your "Breakfast with the Master".. program. Someday. Shane is awesome and I am grateful he steps up and helps your brand. He is very patient, understanding and keeps the flow fresh.  Yesterday's talk about increasing profit really hit me as I'm now profitable but seeing "BIG PROFITS" in my little trades. Your analysis is spot on to where I'm at.

Thank you Tim, I really appreciate it."

- Mike Osterman

"Btw, great Market Map Session yesterday, it was very helpful to me."

- Andrew Mazzaré

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