Recordings from August 3 forward now available  X 

Tropical Storm Isaias knocked out our power for seven days so we were behind uploading recordings.

Now available, Breakfast with the Master for August 4, 6 and 11; Market Maps for August 3, 7 and 10; Evening with the Master for August 5.

There was no class for Market Maps on July 31.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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About Tim

Timothy Morge has been a professional currency trader, author, educator and mentor for nearly 40 years.



Tim's mission is to give back to the trading community that made him so successful, by making you a consistently profitable trader.

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You are a true inspiration to me, and I truly believe in your teachings and work.

- Bojan Lajic

Tim's IB presentations and Shane's blog posts have given me an understanding of price action like no book I have ever read. Thank you so much for offering this knowledge. I never miss an opportunity to tell people about Market Geometry. Many have joined you as a result.

- John Ftseman

I am resonating from the intensity of today’s lesson, replaying bits-n-pieces like one might replay scenes from a beautifully crafted movie. And if I were to make a full confession, I think I might also have a buzz from this drug called knowledge. I cannot adequately express the extremity of the privilege and good fortune that I feel in being in a room with you, learning.

I am not yet a professional trader, but after almost 2 years of learning: starting with the Andrews course downloaded from your website; an immersion in your IB webinars; the move to Market Maps; then a lot of drawing, charting, and sim trading; I am about ready to move into live trading and get my hands dirty.

I know i’ve only scratched the surface. Thank you, Tim. I look forward to more learning buzzes.

- Grace Ayres

After finally catching up after traveling for the holiday, I wanted to say that the last few sessions are golden. Non-subscribers have no clue what they are missing. Just thought I would let you know.

- Mike Jenks

I want you to know this is my first 12 months where I am profitable! I'm one of your success stories, Tim. I love to trade. I love analyzing the chart and recognizing patterns. I will always owe my success to you. I'm very much looking forward to 2017.

- Amanda Reiter

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time, effort, and patience to help traders grow. You truly have the heart and ability to help others who want to understand and thrive in the business of trading and all it entails. Everyday I'm able to listen to a lesson and apply it to my overall business. I have been doing this for years, and I'm always looking forward to the next lesson.

- Mike Osterman

Thanks so much for being willing to share your vast market knowledge. I've earned 131% on a beginning balance of $50,000 after following your money management rules since April 24, 2016. I look forward to starting mentoring.

- Ken Gerber

Many thanks for such a thorough insight into your perspective on trading and market structure. The work and presentation style always keeps you in the moment, and interesting and relevant comments are always made. Great work!

- Paul Honeywood

I really appreciate the interaction, decency, focus, and respect for the various ideas and comments presented, as well as the humor and light-heartedness at times. You do a great job maintaining the focus of the group and yourself. I look forward to rapid progress, steady growth, and to be able to make positive contributions to the group.

- Wayne Rogers

I owe a lot of my trading success to you because of your IB videos and what ive gleaned from your website, and I'm truly grateful for what you have to offer.

- John Ftseman

Thank you for what you do with trading education. Your instruction helps in all aspects of life, especially for young people like me. In 10 months Market Geometry changed my life dramatically. Thank you very much for making lives much better.

- Dominik Křístek

I have nothing but good things to say about the Market Maps sessions. Shane explains trading and different market structures very well. Very good sessions overall.

- Omar José Karmouta Maroto

You and the good LORD have given me back my ability to trade! This is the greatest gift I have received since the floor closed. IT MEANS THAT MUCH TO ME.

- Peter Fede

You're a tremendous teacher, and I hope to be able to learn from you and Shane for decades to come. Thank you for all that you give.

- Nathan Sheth

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on median lines. My wife and I have listened to almost all of your videos at Interactive Brokers and all the videos on your YouTube channel. 

- Joseph McNeal

I love watching you trade, getting inside your head, and understanding how a professional trader thinks.

- Amanda Reiter

I wanted to really emphasize and articulate my appreciation for Market Geometry and Mr. Morge. Thank you for this opportunity and how hard YOU GUYS WORK ON A DAILY BASIS. From fifth graders to 26 year old small business owners, countless people have and will continue to be amazed by Market Geometry's style of explanation through imitation and repetition. If you want to climb a mountain, you've got to find your valley to start from. Thank you for everything.

- Lorcain Rollo

It amazes me how your words are almost like one of the Apostles. If I could speak to God I’m sure he would tell me he put you on Earth to teach. There is no doubt that your words INSPIRE me and give me confidence. Thank you.

- Peter Fede

The Webinar from Wednesday was just excellent! I really enjoy the market structure theme. More lessons about market structure, please. :-)

- Omar José Karmouta Maroto

“Thank you for all the time you have put into producing Webinars for Interactive Brokers. I have been watching the recorded versions intently in an attempt to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Today I had my first successful paper trade using median lines with 20 min E-mini S&P 500. I look forward to perfecting this art one trade at a time.”

- Daniel Turley

"I have not missed more than two lessons since the beginning of Breakfasts with the Masters. I am looking forward to another great year of learning with you."

- Jade Hyde

I'm starting my third year with Market Geometry and couldn't be happier. The journey has been awesome. I still remember the early days and how frustrating it was. Now I'm so much more capable than before.

- Mike Osterman

"Thank you for being a fearless teacher."

- Gina Tapper

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