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Trading Notes: Median Lines and Contraction/Expansion

This is a USD/GBP trade that i recorded for the purpose of reinforcing some recent lessons in our live Market Maps sessions. This basic strategy as shown in the NQ chart below involves how to use the pressure created when people are fighting the flow of a market that is pressing. If your not in our live sessions you should still be able to get the gist of it as well as some interesting Median Line work.


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The Practice of Discovery Part 2: AUD/USD 20min

Listening to Price flow rather than our ideas and reactions to price flow isn't easy but its the first step to trading that isn't random. Its never about what we know... its about what price is doing. Trading isnt easy but this is what im doing when im at my best.


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The Practice of Discovery: Gold Daily Chart

Discovery is one of the most effective mind states to be in. It surprises you and comes as an insight, free from intellectual/conceptual meddling. Discovery a principle that is related to learning. Its a matter of letting go what we know and then finding whats there. When trading, we must alwasy learn from price flow itself.

Definitions of Discoervy:

  • Find something unexpectedly or in the course of a search.
  • To learn about for the first time in one's experience; realize
  • Become aware of (a fact or situation).
  • To gain knowledge or awareness of something not known before



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Foundations of Trading Part 5: Self Management and Journals

Each trader will have there own brand of crazy that is unique to them.... You are the one that is responsible for creating this, all i can do help you structure it. A trading jouranal is a great tool for this cause self-mangment will involve observation, discplines, and evaluation. In the prior post "Foundations of Trading Part 4: Trade Planning"  We disscused trade planning and documenting your trades. This is part of what goes into the journal and falls under the observation section.


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What Is a Median Line?

A Median Line is the relationship between 3 alternating points. In order to make our tools more functional we need have a thorough understanding of them. This is a short presentation i did for myself years ago. It should help you get a deeper understanding of price movement and Median Line sets so we can then use our tools and not let them use us.  Follow the movment not the line...



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