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A One Line Practice: Continued Behavior Or Change In Behavior

This is a simple doing and learning practice, not a setup to memorize and believe in. If we want to learn about price flow and trading, its best to go directly to the source which is price flow itself. By using a simple line placed consistently, we can make observations about how price interacts with that line and allow price to teach us about price. Dont expect anything, just draw the line and make observations. 


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Principles That Run Through Price Flow

Methods and setups come and go so lets put our attention on some of the common threads that underlay them. Price moves in swing cycles which contract/expand, are relative, and go through process


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The Process of a Median Line Set and 3 Basic Types of Trades

We are going to deconstruct a Median Line set to learn its process and see what it can teach us about how price flow moves and swings. We are also going to break down 3 basic types of trade options along that process. The more we understand the process of different price structures, the more effective are decisions will be in real-time. 


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Continued Behavior and Change In Behavior: CL #F

We are going to look at viewing real-time markets through the lens of Continued Behavior and Change In Behavior. This will take us in the direction of using our tools rather than them using us. The direction of slowing down and learning to respond rather than unconsciously reacting while trading.  I'm not doing a trade setup here, I'm doing step one of any trade which is to clearly see what is actually going on with supply/demand. The difference is made by doing what they (buyers/sellers) are doing rather than imposing what you want to do.


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