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Unfolding Actions and Reactions AUD/USD 240min 480min

I always love it when I can show how the Median Line tools unfold over a period of time and can see Time and Space do its thing.

We started this chart out in early July with the rolling chop.. As we have taught in our sessions, Rolling Chops are basically sloped volatility contraction and they can expand out either side which is where the reaction comes in. Its built off the action we already described. 

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Monthly Business Meeting and Volatiltiy USD/CHF AUD/USD

Welcome to September.  Get the Chairman, CEO and Janitor together for a business meeting. Trading is a business and should be treated as such. I have a meeting every month to review what we did right, what we can be done better, and what can be learned about ourselves and markets. Here are a few notes from my meeting.

I keep track of several volatility measures in all the instruments and time frames I may trade. I came into August knowing that Volatility was shrinking as the dog days of summer wound down. I wanted to adjust my rhythm to the markets rhythm.

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The Median Line Pullback EUR/USD 60min

This chart is directly related to the lessons and areas we spoke of in yesterdays live session. Think through your simple foundations and checklist as you approach a chart. No matter what methodology you use, you don't want to be distracted by noise so need a good foundation.

I'm often asked where is the best place to look for a pullback in a trend. The Median Line set gives a high probability area for price to run out of energy. The problem most traders have is being scared by price itself pulling back. They are often chasing their longs up near the top of the trend. I cal this trading in the hole.

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Weekly Median Line Maps AUD/USD EUR/USD USD/JPY 480min

Some charts I'm keeping an eye on. The Yen and the EUR  are continuations from a previous Weekly Median Line Maps

AUD/USD 240min: I dumped the old lines cause they were grabbing too much data and ive been focused on the current action. Lots of traders have been looking way back and picking at longs which hasn't worked out so far for them. You can see here where we spotted the sellers early on and were hunting for shorts. Notice that orange line. We call that Last Swing Broke. Later on we extended that line across and you can see here the sellers in control. (the LSB starts at the blue circle). 

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Using Warning Lines with Median Line Sets. AUD/USD 20min

We have been discussing these AUD/USD charts in our live sessions. Everything from Median Lines to Market Structure to entry triggers, to Money Management. The last blog post was "Bait or Switch" as price was testing the first Warning Line.

Warning Lines are an extension of the Median Line Set. They are stepped out equidistant and at the same slope. They give price a break from its current trend and let it breathe. They can also be a warning that the trend may be changing.

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