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Foundations of Trading Part 3: Andrews Median Line Tools

The Andrews Median Line is a simple tool that can be applied to anything that fluctuates. We can apply the Median Line to the price flow of any instrument in any time frame.

As shown in the chart, the Median Line set simply bisects a price swing using the relationship from any 3 alternating pivots and then projects price back to its median.  Think about it, if you have two extremes, (opposites) you must also have a center. When you expand anything out to its extreme, there is a high probability of it returning to its median.



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Foundations of Trading Part 2: : Market Structure (swings)

Market Structure is the language of price. There are various types of Market Structures but today we are just looking at basic Swing low and Swing high structures. These are a foundation that encompass all other structures anyway.  Although swings have been around for hundreds of years and seem pretty basic, you can gain a deep understanding of all market behavior if you put in the time.

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Foundations of Trading Part 1

Im going to do a series of basic lessons on:
  • Market Structure
  • Andrews Median Line Tools
  • Trade planning
  • Money/Risk Managment
  • Self Managment

These foundational lessons will apply no matter what time frames you trade, instruments you trade, or methods you use to trade. Method and technique have there place but aren't very important in the big scheme of things. 

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