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Stop and Entries Being The Same: Live Exercise GBPUSD 120min

In the last post  Confirmation, Volatility, Structure and Some Questions I asked : "What is the common denominator to a profitable trade in each those charts?" what did you come up with? The thing that made each of those trades work, no matter how you entered, was the use of a proper stop. Now let's flip that around and use the proper stop for entry, which is what we did last week in a live session.


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What We Can Measure, We Can Improve!

Treat Your Trading Like a Business - Part 3 - TRADE JOURNALS
What we can measure, we can improve

Get A Real Trading Education
Learn the techniques to help you become a consistently profitable trader

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Confirmation, Volatility, Structure and Some Questions

So what is important about this USD/YEN chart? The Median Line, target, stop, structure, flow, the entry ideas? Consider the green circles entry ideas and the orange circle the target. 

I want to do a series of basic posts involving confirmation, volatility, timing, and structure.

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