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Wash and Rinse em. EUR/USD 120min

Volatility did get a bit wild since  Mondays post of the EUR/USD 120min.Wild enough to wash and rinse me but good.  Both EUR/USD chart and this Swiss chart present interesting trade/risk management scenarios. Consider for yourself, what would you do. How would you manage the trade? When would you collapse risk? What would be your target? ect...

There is no absolute right or wrong here but these kinds of nitty gritty scenarios come up when you are trading. Your always managing risk whether it's a profit or a loss and therefore should become a risk specialist instead of a setup specialist. Think that one through...

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Roling Chop Volatiltiy Change. EUR/USD 120min

Price fell out of this sloped coil we have been following and terminated itself for now. Sometimes they expand to the next line down and you can consider this situation a type of Hagopians Rule in regards to the channel.  The hard terminate down out of these often offers the type of trade opportunity you see at the lower Grey MLH. Most of us were taking the holiday off at the juncture but there is always another trade...

Volatility is expanding and changing in some way. Lets watch if it squeezes or gets a bit wild...

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Breakfast with the Master

Good day

I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a trader. I also knew that to make money by trading against the best traders in the world, I would need an edge - I would need to know what the very best traders knew.

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Long Term Charts S&P E-Mini, Gold, Oil, Yen weekly/monthly

Time for some review and look at our long term charts. 

ES #F monthly: First posted here in the Lost Decades post. Price has ticked our target along the upper MLH of the Median Lines. Notice the swings up getting smaller. Price has sought out and fulfilled its destiny here. Price is always seeking an area to probe.  Now we wait and see what it does with the test. Not interested in buying the next pullback if the sellers hold. Many good lessons here if you pay attention to what was written in the prior post.

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Pendulum and Rhythm USDJPY 120min

The Median Line set is an ideal tool for pullbacks in trend. It acts like a pendulum. We did an IB presentation on Pendulum Pullbacks a few months ago.

Median Lines are often mistaken for channel tools and even taught that way by some.  Although there is a time and place to use them as such, they are not channels, they take the extreme pivots and then project with high probability back to balance, Back to the Median Line.

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