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Next IB Seminar - Thursday, January 10

Long Term Price Market Structure - Trading in 2013

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January 10, 2013

12:00 pm New York
11:00 am Chicago
9:00 am San Francisco
5:00 pm London

In a very special outlook event Tim will look at long term price market structure to pinpoint the markets he feels are most likely to have significant moves in 2013. Tim will discuss techniques he has used for more than 25 years when long term portfolio trading.

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Getting To Simple and an AUD/USD 480min

The truth about simple is that it that while it is always just there... it's not the same for everybody. Simple is a polished gem that must be polished by each person. It can take a lot of work to get to simple.


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Framing Your Market EUR/USD 240min

The EUR/USD has had some action and has been under discussion the last few months in our sessions. Most of the questions that come up are about how much data to use, the use of multiple time frames (which I don't advise) where should i be entering, what is the proper Median Line... We have been going back to building a foundation and understanding how to frame a market. 

Once you understand how to frame your market, these questions become less relevant and on the surface of things. Every action has its reaction. There isn't any one right Median Line, trade, or anything else. Once your market is understood, opportunities are all over the place for you to choose from. I like certain type of deep pullback trades and first pullback trades but that isn't all that is available or are these necessarily the best types of trades. They are the best for me. 

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Philosophy of Something Interesting: EUR/USD 10min

The philosophy of Something Interesting: One way to trade off the significant. 

I will touch on the highlights here and maybe through the charts you can see the flow of what I'm saying. With this conceptual framework I can keep myself from forcing trades, over-trading, from having to watch every tick, and can avoid trading in the noise. I do my analysis and sit back and wait for something interesting, wait for the market to be in play. 

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