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Toss the Present and Use the Box: EUR/USD 60min

Trading isn't about the tools or methods. Neither matter... We need to learn to use our tools and not have the tools use us.... The tool is the same no matter who is using it. The only thing that changes is the perception of the different people who use it. What is your perception controlled by? This is why we try to be as objective as possible when looking at price.

Chart 1: I will use the EUR/USD 60 min as an example because we have been following through its paces for a month in our live sessions. You could trade this with one tool and a bit of knowledge. It's not a fancy tool, not a secret tool with special secret math. It's Just a box. Do you remember seeing your kids do wondrous things with just a simple box? Often they would toss aside the present and use the box. 

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Next IB Seminar - October 11

Join Tim for his next free seminar hosted by Interactive Brokers and sponsored by the CME Group.

Projecting Price Paths for High Probability FX Trade Entries

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Actions and Reactions USD/CAD 240min USD/JPY 480min

Today in our live session we went back to the Original Andrews Action Reaction Course (which can be be viewed here) to review some of those principles of action and reaction... of balance and extreme. Every action has a reaction and we are students of that. You can apply the main 5 probability rules to most things on a chart. If you take the time to think them through you will see that can work lines from the inside out as well as the outside in.(I will save that for another post).

USD/CAD 240min chart was sent in by a bright student and is a good example of actions and reactions. I wish I had it in place back in July so there is something for me to learn also. We need to do see and draw things consistently so do some thinking about why that center line starts where it starts and why.

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