Timothy Morge’s Chartbook

This post contains a listing of all Tim's open orders, instruments that 'could be' future orders and any orders previously open that are now cancelled.

Current Open Position(s):

Short Dec 2020 Cotton (CTZ0) @ 0.6380
Stop @ 66.85
Profit Target 1 50.20
Profit Target 2 42.95


Current Open Orders:

Sell CME Sept 2020 British Pounds @ 1.3220
Stop Loss Buy Sept 2020 @ 1.3725
Logical Profit Target Buy Sept 2020 @ 1.10925
These are conditional orders. Order 2 and 3 become active as the 1st order gets executed - and for orders 2 and 3, one cancels the other  

Buy Dec 2020 Cotton (CTZ0)
Limit Buy @ 38.30
Stop @ 27.30
I'm keeping the Cotton buy as an open order because it is below my Profit Target 2 and I'd be gone before PT3, ready for the long entry psychologically.

Buy Plug Power Inc (PLUG)
Limit Buy @ 3.27
Stop @ 2.37
Profit Target: 11.21
This is an FU position. The maximum capital allocated to this instrument should not exceed 10 % of the allocation given to normal instruments


Watching - The 'Could Be' List

  • selling OJ
  • selling HG - Stalking a possible short. Much as I want to sell Copper, I do not see it quite yet. My gut says yes, my chart says close but wait for either a higher high from here OR a failure from this current high [tearing me up but I can't find the trade so it's time to keep the powder dry].
  • watching KC



Sell British Pounds (6B CME)
Limit Sell 1.3040
Stop @ 1.3570
Profit Target @ 1.0520
Long 1 Dec 2020 Corn Futures (GLOBEX GTC)
Buy @ 317
Stop Loss 300
Profit Target 438


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