A One Line Practice: Continued Behavior Or Change In Behavior

This is a simple doing and learning practice, not a setup to memorize and believe in. If we want to learn about price flow and trading, its best to go directly to the source which is price flow itself. By using a simple line placed consistently, we can make observations about how price interacts with that line and allow price to teach us about price. Dont expect anything, just draw the line and make observations. 



This is one of several "One Line" practices that we have been going over in the live sessions. Its meant to enable personal insight and real learning. From this learning you will start to see many ways in which this line can be made functional for your trading. Later on it can also teach you about how Median Lines and Action/Reaction work in process. A Median Line set will project to where this continued behavior starts. 

The instructions are simple: Follow the last 2 relative confirmed swings with a line and make observations as to how price interacts with that line. 

By isolating the last 2 same size (relative) swings, what you have done is identified some very organized behavior in the seemingly chaotic flow of price. Its an established rhythm. This is basically a range, (contraction) only its sloped. Now you have a way to see if price continues that behavior and when there is a change in that behavior. In the video I expain further and practice with a few differnt markets.

This also starts to get into the internal side of trading. Following price with a simple line (or any other simple method) rather than predicting it all the time can relax a traders agitated mind and get it in the same rhythm as price flow. I often find that this simple will enable insight to the trade i need even if it has nothing to do with the line. This isn't a system its a practice. 



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