The Process of a Median Line Set and 3 Basic Types of Trades

We are going to deconstruct a Median Line set to learn its process and see what it can teach us about how price flow moves and swings. We are also going to break down 3 basic types of trade options along that process. The more we understand the process of different price structures, the more effective are decisions will be in real-time. 



This is a video clip taken out of our live Market Maps session. We look to see what a Median Line set can teach us about how price moves, how it contracts and expand. Also we look to see what price flow can teach us about Median Line Sets. 

This isn't building a setup or technique, its more about some of the underlying principles from which all setups and techniques are founded. When we understand the underlying principles, we are free to create and it really doesn't matter which technique or method we use. 




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