The Market Geometry Lecture Series DVD – Level I – September 2010

Lecture Series DVD The Lecture Series – Level I is a two disk set of intermediate level material on using median lines and market structure in your trading. A special section called 'Theory Into Practice' presents case examples that apply median line and market structure methodology to how a professional trader, Shane Blankenship, interprets price action and makes his trading decisions.


Disk 1 topics include:

  • History, Science and Trading
  • Basics: Median Lines and Pitchforks
  • The Modified Schiff Median Line
  • Entry Setups
  • Introducing Shane Blankenship
  • Theory Into Practice (part 1)

Disk 2 topics include:

  • Theory Into Practice (part 2) with case examples of the Flung
  • Bar by Bar Market Structure

Recorded September 25, 2010

Running time: Disk 1:  2 hours 19 minutes; Disk 22 hours 39 minutes

As is always the case, there are never refunds issued for DVD sales.

$725.00 USD