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Does the site focus on helping traders learn and apply Pitchfork analysis?

Yes. I opened in 1995 and have been teaching Median Line or Pitchfork methods continuously since then. My earliest mentors were Dr. Alan Andrews, the inventor of Median Lines, and Amos Hostetter, the co-founder of Commodities Corporation and in my opinion, the finest campaign trader in the past 300 years. Amos' strengths were his strict money management and his own proprietary position sizing. In 2005, after finishing a huge mentoring project for the Chicago exchanges, I opened Market Geometry, to change the focus from just Median Lines to Market Structure, Money Management, acceptable Risk Reward ratios and of course, Median Line techniques.

I have been a successful speculator for more than 40 years now and I am still one of the largest money managers, focusing on my own trading and trading four sovereign wealth funds, as well as teaching and writing. I am the last member of Dr. Andrews Inner Circle, the Coral Gables Group, that still trades or teaches actively (there are only eight of us left alive these days).

Is the site focused on day trading or swing trading focus?

My methodology works on all instruments, in any time frame. As Dr. Andrews was fond of saying, if it fluctuates, these methods will work. In our live sessions, we go from working on analysis of a five minute S&P chart to a weekly gold or stock chart.

How does it help traders create a trading strategy and Plan?

My money management skills are known throughout the professional trading community as 'surgeon like' and I believe and teach everything starts with a sound plan. We do not trade on a whim or just because something is moving; instead, we teach people at our live sessions to observe, validate and then draw conclusions. Dr. Andrews was highly trained in science, as am I.

What are the intense focus sessions? Is it like a topic study?

First, they are on holiday right now because we are putting together a series of topic based seminars that teach people to think and trade like professionals. The next seminar is near the end of February.

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